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Video Marketing Software, Tools & Templates - The Best of 2018!

by Dominik Wever in video marketing

With the wrong tools, video marketing can be a pain in the ass.

Or as Abraham Lincoln put it: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax."

To help you sharpen your video marketing ax, save lots of time and get more leads and sign-ups, we've compiled a list of the best software, tools, and templates of 2018!


Video SEO & Marketing Tools
Video Editing & Screencast Software
Royalty-free Music For Videos
Stock Video, Titles & Effects
Video Thumbnails & Graphic Design
iPhone Apps for Video Marketing

Just one more thing before we jump in:

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Video SEO & Marketing Tools

ubersuggest (keyword research)

Using the right keywords will make or break the success of your videos. Choose keywords wisely and your video will show up on YouTube Search Results and as suggested video (a huge opportunity to get more viewers).

ubersuggest is my favorite tool to find powerful keywords. Why? It’s quick, easy-to-use and totally free. Put in your main keyword, choose whether to search for youtube or web keywords, select the country, and you will have plenty of great keywords to choose from.

Open ubersuggest | free

TubeBuddy (keyword optimization)

I’ve just recently discovered TubeBuddy.
 And it’s become one of my go-to tools to complete the SEO of my videos.

TubeBuddy was developed for YouTubers to manage their channels and everything around it. Nevertheless, it offers great features for video SEO in general, like exploring your competitors’ video tags.

It’s available as a plugin for Google Chrome and will save you loads of time when optimizing your YouTube videos.

More Info | Pricing | from $9/month

scribie (video captions)

Providing captions with your videos is a great way to improve your video SEO. YouTube will use your captions to understand the content of your video and rank it accordingly, so make sure to speak your keywords out loud during the video.

Creating a captions file can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, there’s the scribie, where you can get your ready-to-upload caption files for a very fair price.

Info & Free Sign-up | from $0.60/min

Video Editing & Screencast Software

Final Cut Pro (video editor)

When it comes to editing your videos, you can either go simple (with the built-in apps like iMovie), or you can step up your game.

I highly recommend using Apple’s Final Cut Pro, especially when compared to Adobe Premiere. Why? Final Cut Pro offers the perfect balance between ease of use, quick editing and time-saving features.

Final Cut Pro really shines when it comes to logos, titles, and animations: You can buy cheap, ready-to-use plugins on Envato VideoHive (see below), and you will have professional looking motion graphics in a breeze.

Funny enough, Final Cut Pro only costs a fraction of what you will pay for Adobe Premiere. That's because Adobe products are only available as monthly subscriptions, whereas you can grab Final Cut Pro for a very fair one-time price.

More Info | $300 (one-time)

Camtasia (screencasts & video editor)

Screencasts can be kind of boring. Luckily, there’s Camtasia: It will make your recording your screen easy, offering to record system audio as well as your webcam and microphone if needed.

But that’s not all: After recording, you can animate your screencast it in minutes, with great and professional looking animations, zooms and pans.

This makes your screencast dynamic, interesting and easy-to-follow.

It’s the priciest screen recording software out there, but it will save you so much time that it’s worth every penny of it.

More Info | Free 30-Day Trial | $249 (one-time)

Royalty-free Music For Videos

Envato Audio (music tracks)

Adding music to your videos will make them more appealing. Unfortunately, it’s quite a challenge to find decent tracks for business videos.

Envato AudioJungle offers a wide variety of corporate music tracks, that you can add to your videos without distracting from the main message.

And best of all, all tracks are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about ongoing license payments.

More Info | from $39/track

Jukedeck (individual music)

Now, this is something totally different: With Jukedeck, you can easily create the perfect soundtrack for your video, based on their artificial intelligence engine!

Just choose the mood and speed (in beats per minute), and Jukedeck will create a unique and quite nice music track for you.

My favorite feature is the possibility to set the
 preferred length. So you get the perfect track for your video.

Downloading and using a track will only cost you 99 Cents, so it’s also one of the cheapest options to get quality, royalty-free music.

More Info | $0.99/track

Stock Video, Titles & Effects

Envato VideoHive

Envato is the marketplace when it comes to helpful and time-saving resources for creating your videos.

On VideoHive, you can find stock footage to complement your videos, so you can mix up that long talking head with some nice shots.

Even better, you will find lots of ready-to-use templates for logo openers, titles, and texts.

Especially when using Apple’s Final Cut Pro to edit your videos (see above), you just throw in those templates, tweak them a little, and your video will get on a whole new level.

Stock Photage: Corporate Video
Apple Motion: Logo Opener | Titles
Adobe Premiere: Logo Opener | Titles

from $9/element

pixabay (free stock video & photos)

With pixabay, there’s a great source of totally free stock photos and videos. So when you’re creating your next social media post, come back here and look for great pictures.

There are also lots of free stock videos, so have fun browsing through them.

As stock photos and videos can get rather expensive on other platforms, it’s worth looking into pixabay before you spend lots of money.

Stock Videos | Stock Photos | free

Video Thumbnails & Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the leading software when it comes to creating graphics.

Did you know what the most important factor is to make people click on your video in search results? The video thumbnail!

With Photoshop, you can not only create great looking thumbnails but also visuals to use throughout your video.

And with the new Photography Plan, you can get Adobe Photoshop for as little as $9.99 per month.

Photoshop Photography Plan | $9.99/month

Canva (online design)

If you need to create lots of different types of graphics quickly, Canva is the online design tool to try.

It comes loaded with ready-to-use templates for social media graphics, ebooks, video thumbnails, YouTube channel art, etc.

You’re limited in your options (especially when compared to Photoshop), but you can create great looking graphics in a breeze.

Homepage | YouTube Thumbnails | free

PlaceIt (mockups)

Can it get even easier and quicker than Canva? Yes, it can! PlaceIt makes creating mockups of your software or SaaS solution easy.

Choose from thousand of mockups (from the typical “MacBook on a desk” to videos), upload the screenshot or screencast of your software, and that’s it:

PlaceIt gives you great looking imagery showcasing your solution in seconds!

You can pay per mockup, prepay credits or opt for monthly plans, depending on your estimated usage.

Homepage | from $8/mockup

iPhone Apps for Video Marketing

Filmic Pro (Camera App)

There’s nothing bad about using your iPhone to record your videos. Use it as your main camera, or to record a second angle while recording with your DSLR.

Filmic Pro is the app to take control of your iPhone’s camera.

It gives you the much needed manual controls over exposure and shutter and also lets you adjust the video quality settings.

If you’re recording video on your iPhone regularly, Filmic Pro is a no-brainer.

You can even remote-control your iPhones recording with another iPhone or iPad, using the remote app. This lets you start and stop the recording and control if everything fits into the frame.

I recommend you save some dollars and go directly for the bundle.

iPhone Camera App $14.99 | iPhone Camera+Remote App Bundle $19.99

Prompt Smart Pro (Teleprompter App)

This app saved my life (almost). I had optimized the heck out of my video script, but couldn’t memorize it. The solution?

Just mount your iPhone next to your video camera, install the Prompt Smart App, upload your script, and you have a perfect teleprompter you can read from.

Best of all: The app will recognize your voice and automatically scroll the script accordingly!

iPhone App $19.99

Summary: Video Marketing Software, Tools & Templates

Working with the right tools, everything gets easier.

Always keep in mind what Abraham Lincoln said: Find and sharpen the right tools first, then attack your challenges.

And you will not only save time and money but get much better results.

Bonus: Discover our special tools and secret weapons like the only online backup with true unlimited space for video. Download the extended list of tools here!

What are the favorite tools to boost your video marketing? Please share them in the comments below!


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