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Boost Your SaaS & Software Marketing Strategy: The Benefits of Video Marketing

There's nothing better than video marketing for software & SaaS.

First, videos will boost your software marketing and attract new leads and signups.

Onboarding and tutorial videos will not only increase your conversions but delight your customers, thus reducing churn

You'll be amazed to learn about the huge benefits of video marketing!

Overview: What you'll learn in this post

Let's dive in!

More traffic & more leads: How video marketing boosts your SaaS & software marketing strategy.

People love online video. Why? Well, would you rather read a 10-page blog post or watch a 5-minute video tutorial? The video wins.

By creating engaging videos like tutorials, how-tos, and testimonials, you attract people searching for these. People intending to buy. And yes: That’s content marketing, just better. With zero ad spending!

It’s far easier to get on the first page of Google with a video than with a blog post. You see: Your potential customers love video as much as Google does!

Video Marketing helps increase your conversions.

You’ve done the heavy lifting: Leads and trial sign-ups are coming in. But how do you engage those leads and increase conversion?

Away back, that’s what sales reps were for: Getting face to face. Showing how your product helps the customer succeed.

Think of online video as your 24/7 sales rep, always working for you: On your website, handling objections. On sales pages, building trust. Inside your software, helping discover the big benefits.

Video Marketing helps you delight your customers and reduce churn.

Selling monthly or yearly software subscriptions means: You need to make and keep your customers happy, or they’re gonna leave quickly!

Help your customers fine-tune your software to their needs and discover its full potential with online video tutorials. Or go as far as starting an online academy, attracting even more customers.

Studies show that people prefer to help themselves, taking a huge load off your customer service.


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